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10 Decembrie, 2015

The subject of much NFL chatter these days has revolved around the new video unit inside the brand new Cowboys Stadium. This is the largest high definition video unit in existence Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping , and is one of many luxuries present in the new stadium. There was an event that took place a few weeks ago that leads many to believe there was poor planning with respect to this unit.

It’s only been a few weeks since a major blunder that occurred during the Cowboys’ first ever game at Cowboys Stadium. While it was an exhibition game that carried little meaning, this event could easily have occurred during a meaningful game, prompting fans and the media to criticize the placement of the unit. A punt by the Titans’ kicker went high enough to hit the video unit, which obviously disrupted play.

Fortunately, the NFL is not only taking the blame for poor planning, but has vowed to fix the issue as quickly as it possibly can.

Ray Anderson, currently the NFL’s VP of Operations, held a conference recently and took the blame for this mistake. He acknowledged the fact that this unit is lower than it should be and can’t remain this way.

Anderson stated that the league was way off in its research during a meeting in New York on September 3rd. They were sloppy, he says, and threw up a guess without really testing the limits. They felt that 85 feet would be ample, and opted for 90 to play it safe, but they were clearly wrong in their research. Anderson also acknowledged that the league must do something about this problem.

According to reports, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has agreed to cooperate as a means of ensuring that the problem is fixed. One short-term fix would involve moving an ad that sits at the bottom of the video screen.

The video screen, which is reportedly worth 40 million dollars, is over 180 feet long, extending across the majority of the football field from one 20 yard line to the other. This board, which sits 90 feet above ground, is also 73 feet high.

At the end of the day, this is an issue that must be dealt with. The stadium is a beautiful one, but there’s no question that playability is more important than glitz when it comes down to it. Look for a quick solution to the issue based on the above.

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Michael Crabtree news has dominated 49er training camps in each of his two seasons with the team. Last year the number one draft choice sat out training camp and the first five games of the regular season in a contract dispute. This year, the latest Michael Crabtree news centers on a neck injury that has kept him out of all the preseason games and his lack of attention to detail recently led to a profane and public calling out from offensive captain Vernon Davis.

The exact nature of the 20-minute long heated discussion between Davis and Crabtree is unknown. What is known is that many on the San Francisco roster are tiring of Crabtree's diva-like behavior but feel powerless to say anything because of the young receiver's skill and position in the organization.

Crabtree was selected 10th overall by the 49ers in the 2009 draft after his sophomore season at Texas Tech. In his very first game with the team, despite having become the longest rookie holdout in 49er history, Crabtree caught five passes for 56 yards and played more snaps than any other receiver on the team. Crabtree finished his rookie campaign with 48 receptions, 625 yards and two touchdowns in only 11 games. He led all rookie receivers in yards per game, with 56.8 yards per game.

That performance on top of his six year, $32 million contract ($17 million guaranteed) has obviously made him special in the eyes of the 49ers organization, and it appears that Crabtree has taken full advantage by milking his Aug. 12 neck injury for all its value and minimizing his work in training camp. On Sept. 1, Davis decided he had enough.

Head coach Mike Singletary not only seemed to endorse the 20-minute on-field conversation, he let it continue in the locker room afterwards. When he faced the media after practice, he wasn't exactly dismayed with what took place even if he seemed to wish Davis had handled things a little differently.
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