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Gods Origin Online MMO , update features a new boss

Poza pentru eveniment Gods Origin Online MMO , update features a new boss
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13 Septembrie, 2017

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to tame a dragon and have one fight beside you in combat, Gods Origin Online is the game you've always wanted.
Additionally, the update features a new boss called Drrakha. The new enemy becomes available as a new point of interest on the map. Drrakha can drop his own shards when defeated, and he is also likely to drop shards for a brand-new regiment called League’s Predators. The new unit comes with the abilities Impale which deals 100% more physical damage and Embrace the Pain which leads to 20% less damage from enemies.

They will mostly interact with players from the Origin Online game same server but once in a while they can also compete against users from other servers. Cross server activities are events that bring together the entire Gods Origin Online community. Players take part in various tournaments and contests. Gods Origin Online is available as a free game from the VivaGames games portal.

Hero Formation: Collect heroes as you adventure through the world and add them to your formation. Where you place them in your formation will be key to your success and how well your heroes work together.


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