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How to run the Program Compatibility Wizard in Windows XP

How to run the Program Compatibility Wizard in Windows XP
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17 Aprilie, 2018

1. Press Windows Key + R. Type hcp://system/compatctr/compatmode.htm and press OK.

2. The Program Compatibility Wizard is launched. On the Welcome screen, press Next.

3. On the 2nd screen you are asked: “How do you want to locate the program that you would like to run with compatibility settings?” Select I want to locate the program manually (3rd bullet).

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4. On the 3rd screen, press the Browse button on the right of the text box. A new window opens, titled “Please Select Application”.Recover Hard Drive Data After Format

5. Navigate in this window, until you locate the executable file that installs the program you are interested in running in compatibility mode. As you can see in the “File type” box, most popular executable file types are selected, to help you narrow down to the actual installer. In many cases, it is something straightforward, like “setup.exe”. However, no-one can guarantee this will always be the case. If you cannot make out which one is the installer, then browse the CD to locate any “ReadMe” files or other files with instructions or help information. These will typically let you know which file is the executable installer.Data Recovery Best

6. When you finish, press Open in the “Please Select Application” window. This window now closes, and the Program Compatibility Wizard shows the path to the executable installer of the program. Press Next.

7. On the 4th screen, you select the compatibility mode for the program. You can set it to Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 SP5, Windows 98/Me, or Windows 2000. After having selected the correct compatibility mode, press Next.

8. On the 5th screen, you set the display settings for the program. You can limit the displayed colors to 256, select a screen resolution of 640 X 480 pixels, and disable visual themes (which are typically enabled by default in WinXP). You can select whatever combination of these three settings. My suggestion is to always choose all three in the begining to make sure the program runs, and later you can experiment (i.e. attempt running the program with some of them left in WinXP defaults). Press Next.Recover Hard Drive Data After Format 

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