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Mafia City H5: Bloody hands strangle the city

Mafia City H5: Bloody hands strangle the city
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31 August, 2018

Bloody hands strangle the city. Beneath the illusion of sophistication there is ever a savage fight for power. As always, the law serves the greedy, corrupt politicians favor the most persuasive, and the local police and feds alike share the profits like so much sweet cake.

As the head of your Mafia family in Mafia City, play mafia,you struggle for control of the city against others like yourself. Each part of the city plays a role in your plans. Actions must be swift and merciless. Underestimate no one. One wrong move is unforgiveable.

Through a shadowy hitman you instill fear – but around that iron fist, a velvet glove. You must dance the social dance, pulling strings among the elite. Dance well and you'll be well placed to execute your plans with ruthless precision...

...this city will be yours!

The goal of Mafia City is to be the first player to gain a certain number of victory points – that is, proof of your power over the city. Victory points are gained only by controlling locations (i.e., parts of the city). As the head of a mafia clan, each player fights for control over locations by sending his Mafiosi into locations, playing his action cards effectively, using the effects of locations under the players control, and using special characters that appear in the game to his advantage.

For more information about Mafia city, Please visit its official site: https://mafiah5.yottagames.com/?language=en_EN

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