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Sepp Blatter 'raging against the dying of the light'

Sepp Blatter 'raging against the dying of the light'
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17 Iunie, 2015

During the Cold War, analysts in the West http://www.nflbrownsofficialshop.com/Authentic-Xavier-Cooper-Jersey had to decipher the politics of the Soviet Union using any small scrap of information they could find.
The order by which members of the ruling politburo were positioned at public appearances, the arrangement of articles in the state newspaper or the removal of portraits were poured over to extract an understanding of what was truly going on behind the Iron Curtain.
'Kremlinology' was thus born.
Trying to understand what is happening within Fifa right now is not too dissimilar.
No-one is comparing Sepp Blatter or football's world governing body to an insidious Communist state.
Let's be clear about that.
But parallels can be drawn to current levels of secrecy in Zurich.
Then there are the statements that don't quite give the full picture and the power battles taking place behind closed doors.
Knowing what is truly going on inside Fifa's sprawling hillside complex is a tough task at the moment.
But there are clues.
Take Sunday's report in the Swiss newspaper Schweiz Laken Tomlinson Womens Jersey am Sonntag and BBC Sport's own story.
Both outline how Blatter is now considering staying on as Fifa president having received backing from African and Asian football associations.
It would be a radical move, given the clear intentions he set out in his dramatic speech on 2 June.
It was during that hastily arranged news conference that Blatter spoke about how his Fifa mandate did not extend throughout world football and he would therefore call for a new election.
Sunday's reports provoked a swift response from Domenico Scala, Fifa's independent head of audit and compliance.
He is effectively guiding the transition of power Denzel Perryman Womens Jersey and was very clear that the current plan must be adhered to.
"For me, the reforms are the central topic," he said.
"That is why I think it is clearly indispensable to follow through with the initiated process of president's change as it has been announced. "
That message is not so difficult to understand and boils down to this - 'stick to the agreed plan, Sepp'.
The news that Blatter is thinking of staying comes just a few days after Fifa's communications chief Walter De Gregorio was forced out of the organisation. De Gregorio was sacked following a joke about the governing body on Swiss TV.
In light of Sunday's reports his ousting perhaps becomes easier to understand.
De Gregorio is thought to have favoured a low-key strategy for Blatter in his final few months in charge.
But a PR professional by the name of Klaus Stohlker has http://www.bearsofficialnflprostore.com/Authentic-Alshon-Jeffery-Jersey the ear of the Fifa president.
Stohlker criticised De Gregorio in an article to a Swiss magazine on 2 June and blamed him for Blatter's poor image.

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