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Vettel right to tackle Pirelli on tyres

Vettel right to tackle Pirelli on tyres
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25 August, 2015

Sebastian Vettel's outburst following his 200mph http://www.authenticlakersstore.com/authentic-5-carlos-boozer-jersey.html tyre failure during Sunday's Belgian Grand Prix was the result of an underlying dissatisfaction among the drivers and teams with the product Pirelli has produced for Formula 1.
Vettel's late-race blowout came hot on the heels of a similar incident for Mercedes's Nico Rosberg during Friday practice at Spa, the German suffering the failure at around 190mph.
The spotlight has turned fully on Pirelli in the aftermath, but this episode is not merely about these two tyre failures.
Why was Vettel so tough on Pirelli?

Drivers' emotions run higher at Spa than they do at any track other than Suzuka in Japan as they grew up watching the greats drive there.
Spa and Suzuka are the two mighty race tracks on Marc Savard Jersey the F1 calendar: they have taken lives; they take drivers right to the limit of their risk profile; they touch the fear gene in a way no other track will.
Monaco engenders ultimate respect and raises your anxiety levels but any accident there is relatively low energy. If you crash at Spa or Suzuka, the impact is potentially very high-energy and could be fatal.
So to have - as Rosberg and Vettel did - a tyre failure close to Blanchimont or Eau Rouge, the two fastest corners on the track, the immediate thing a driver will think is: "If that had happened just a few metres the other way, it would have been a very different situation."
Vettel voiced this fear in his remarks after the race.
Why are the drivers unhappy?

Spa was, by some margin, not the worst weekend Dan Girardi Authentic Jersey for Pirelli during its five years in F1, either in numbers of failures or in terms of having a tyre with excessive degradation.
But there is an underlying unhappiness among the grand prix drivers with a whole range of aspects of the Pirelli tyre - its performance profile, its grip level, how you have to deal with it, its general robustness.
In Vettel's case, the tread came off the tyre and then the tyre failed. This is not the first time we have seen this with Pirelli, and its tyre does seem to be particularly sensitive to cuts or touches from front-wing endplates and so on.
You cannot use that failure on its own as an argument against the http://www.authenticyankeesshop.com/authentic-14-martin-prado-jersey.html tyre manufacturer, but Vettel's remarks - and similar, if more measured, comments from Rosberg and Lotus driver Romain Grosjean - represent a boiling-over of the drivers' general unhappiness in the relationship between the drivers and Pirelli.
It was the straw that broke the camel's back as far as Vettel was concerned.

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