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Heat is now on Mike Zimmer with Vikings' offense

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Mike Zimmer prepared for decades to be Wholesale Jerseys Paypal an NFL coach. So when that time came, in January 2014, Zimmer knew exactly what he wanted to do.

He would use his considerable expertise to rebuild the Minnesota Vikings' defense, then hire experienced coaches to handle the rest of the team. Norv Turner, a head coach for 15 years and an NFL coordinator for eight others, was his Wholesale NFL Jerseys China choice for the offense.

Zimmer's job will be tougher, however. Amid a two-game losing streak, he'll need to assert himself once and for all as the coach of the Vikings' offense, defense and special teams. You can pick whatever cliché you want, but I'll go with this: The ship can't go down with someone other than the captain at the helm.

I sit there, nodding, listening to the music. It Jerseys For Cheap takes me awhile to ask, "So what does it sound like?"

He's doing curls and finishes his set before answering. He is an enormous human being, deliberate and unhurried in his movements and his speech.

"You know that crisp sound where you're watching an Olympic diver hit the water, where it's like a blade slicing through the water? Well, you have that smooth, clean sound, and at the same time it's like someone has a sawed-off shotgun -- pow! It's amazing."

I nod again, wondering whether he has the best insights NFL Jerseys Cheap into football I've heard, or just the best weed I've smoked. "Do you see things out there that, like, you can't explain? Things that, like, defy gravity?"

Because he's sitting down, I can see crinkles start spreading across his shaved and sopping scalp. "I've played with some very good players," he says. "And the way we blocked some guys ... you shouldn't be able to do that to people. I mean, it's not right -- and it doesn't exist anywhere else but on the field. I mean, really disrespecting and hurting people."

And then a pause. "It was awesome."

Monroe is a very serious man, with a very serious cause. He MLB Baseball Jerseys generally speaks in a commanding monotone even when he's joking, and he is relentlessly on message. Now, though, he begins to laugh, and so do I, because I've always wanted to know what professional football is really like, in the middle of the maelstrom, and now I do:

It's like drugs, man.