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Tom Brady says trades are 'the way it goes' in NFL

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Tom Brady says trades are 'the way it goes' in NFL

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick has pulled off some surprising trades in his 17-year tenure, most recently shipping Pro Bowl linebacker Jamie Collins to the Cleveland Browns, and quarterback Tom Brady Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping acknowledged Wednesday that it could also happen to him in the future.

"You can't be around this long and not realize that the world will keep spinning and the sun will come up tomorrow without you. That's just the way it goes," Brady said Wednesday before the team's final practice of its bye week.

But while none of that necessarily Cheap NFL Jerseys falls under the heading of "What we learned," it's nice sometimes to be reminded of how much we still have to learn. Here are some other Week 8 lessons.

And then came Tuesday, when he was hit with another four-game suspension. When the league announces a suspension it means the appeal has already been heard. It'll cost Williams $1.68 million. So Williams, a captain, has left the Redskins in a terrible spot at a crucial time. There's no good time to be suspended, especially when you're in a leadership role. But the Redskins are 4-3-1, and Hockey Jerseys after the bye week they face Minnesota, Green Bay, Dallas, Arizona and Philadelphia. Without one of their best players.

Williams' suspension caught many at Redskins Park by surprise. Coaches didn't find out until just shortly before it was announced. Several people said the same thing: "I didn't see that coming." That was followed by three words: "It's a shame."

Williams has developed into a Wholesale Jerseys From China strong leader for the Redskins and a constant voice of reason when he speaks to the media. Last year, he was voted as the local media's Good Guy winner. A few years ago he'd pop in once a week to talk; now it's every time the locker room is open. Always in front of his stall, sitting next to No. 3 quarterback Nate Sudfeld. Williams was comfortable in his role and developing nicely in many ways.

Last week Williams said he wanted to be on the field because the team had invested heavily in him. Williams was and is the sort of player you want around. He's ultra-talented, he had matured and he had been working a lot harder in recent offseasons to reshape his body.

"A lot of people depend on me to be out there," Williams Basketball Jerseys Custom said last week. "The front office made a commitment to me contractually [in 2015]. It's my duty to play through those little nicks and bruises. If I could at all offer them even just 80 percent of me, it's my obligation to be out there. This is what I love to do. I want to leave a legacy more than anything. You can't do that by sitting on the sidelines."

No, you can't. Williams is a terrific player and worthy of his four Pro Bowls.

And then this, at a time when the Redskins have little margin for error. He must be smarter, something Williams will no doubt say when he does speak (he did not respond to text messages Tuesday). Now he must be accountable.