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The NFL isn't worried about first-rounder Laremy Tunsil's NCAA run-in

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Three weeks from the 2016 NFL Draft, Ole Miss left tackle Laremy Tunsil is expected to be the No. 1 overall pick to the Tennessee Titans, a projection that's held steady for months despite Tunsil's run-in with the NCAA during his NFL Jerseys Nike final college season.

Tunsil sat out Ole Miss' first seven 2015 games, first as a Wholesale NFL Jerseys China cautionary move by the Rebels and then as part of a brokered suspension by the NCAA for impermissible benefits that included use of loaner vehicles, rental cars and a free airline ticket.

That's not all. Tunsil and his stepfather, Lindsey Miller, were involved in a physical altercation last summer after Miller allegedly pushed Tunsil's mother, resulting in Tunsil and Miller briefly filing charges against one another.

The NCAA interviewed both Miller and Tunsil as part of a larger investigation NFL Jerseys Wholesale into Ole Miss' athletic department. Sources previously confirmed to SB Nation that alleged violations tied specifically to Tunsil are part of a notice against Ole Miss.

So, why hasn't Tunsil been hit with the "character concern" tag, like other top prospects in recent years? SB Nation spoke to multiple sources, including coaches, NFL scouts and agents, to learn why Tunsil's character grade has remained intact.

The NFL's response to NCAA violations is a growing indifference.
In 2011, the NFL suspended third-round quarterback Terrelle Pryor of Ohio State NFL Jerseys Authentic for five games, saying he'd attempted to avoid an NCAA suspension of the same length by entering the supplemental draft.

But in 2015, Georgia running back Todd Gurley was a first-round NFL Jerseys From China pick and eventual Rookie of the Year, despite having served a four-game NCAA suspension for autograph dealings.

"It's an 'off-field issue,' but there's no drugs, no guns, no violence against women," an NFL scout said. "That's a whole different world from what you're looking at with Tunsil."

The sources we spoke with said front offices have a fraction as much concern with NCAA rules as with actual crimes.

Many have criticized the NFL's stance on domestic violence over the last several years. Starting with this February's NFL Combine, any prospect found to have a domestic violence or sexual assault conviction will be barred from league events.

Last year, the Buccaneers claimed to have extensively investigated a sexual assault allegation against Jameis Winston before picking the former Florida State quarterback at No. 1. NCAA issues don't demand nearly that kind of pro scrutiny.