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Jason Garrett says NFL should have changed Calvin Johnson rule

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Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett thinks the NFL made a mistake when they didn't tweak the rules that apply to Dez Bryant's overturned catch against the Green Bay Packers, according to Clarence Hill of the Star-Telegram. The play, which saw Bryant catch the football, switch hands, take two steps and reach for the goal line before the ball came loose as he hit the ground, was ruled an incomplete pass.

The NFL spent MLB Jerseys Usa time considering the rule, which stated that a player had to make "a football move" while maintaining control of the ball with a catch -- a vague statement if there ever was one. But the league neglected to change the rule, instead tweaking the language to say that a receiver has to "establish himself as a runner," which isn't much clearer.

"I do think this play belongs in NHL Jerseys Cheap the game. I do think we want Calvin Johnson's play and Dez Bryant's play to be catches in our league," Garrett said. "I do believe any tweaks to the rule should be to include these plays, not to exclude these plays."

Last year, Still was cut by the Bengals before being brought back on the practice Wholesale NFL Jerseys China squad, allowing Still to pay for the cancer treatment via his league-provided insurance. Still appeared in 12 games, making 19 tackles.

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It's a $14 million, two-year deal with $4.3 Cheap Jerseys Usa million guaranteed, for a receiver who just finished his first full 16-game season in five years. If Britt's still the team's No. 1 receiver and they don't get better on the offensive line, all the pass rush in the world isn't going to make them a threat to the Seahawks.