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Best Clubs in Bucharest

22 Mai, 2010

A guide to the best clubs in Bucharest, from a foreigner's perspective (and, well, also a guy's perspective). I am keeping this guide closed but feel free to contribute suggestions in the comments.

Momentan nu exista firme in acest ghid.

You also forgot about THE

You also forgot about THE GANG club which at this moment, is the only one that will make the difference from that superficial category that you were talking about earlier. This one doesn't have "the prettiest dancers", but they sure have "the happiest girls" ever on Thursday:) Go and check it!

Gaia ar trebui sa fie printre

Gaia ar trebui sa fie printre primele :D este un loc nemaipomenit! muzica buna, oameni extraordinari, atmosfera de nota 10!

true! :)

true! :)

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