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Best Clubs in Bucharest

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22 Mai, 2010

A guide to the best clubs in Bucharest, from a foreigner's perspective (and, well, also a guy's perspective). I am keeping this guide closed but feel free to contribute suggestions in the comments.

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Adresa Strada Primo Nebiolo 7
Sectorul 1 Bucuresti, Bucuresti-Ilfov
"This club was recommended by a very friendly taxi driver. As he put it "there are many pretty girls there." This club has some of the prettiest dancers in town. It's a large, open space playing mostly dance and electronic music. The crowd is fairly young."

Categorie Cluburi
Adresa Strada Tuzla 50
Sectorul 2 Bucuresti, Bucuresti-Ilfov
"Frequently considered one of Bucharest's premier clubs. A large open and beautiful space with a clientele to match. Bamboo also distinguishes itself through a (unfortunately not very common in Bucharest) high level of customer service. It's one of the most expensive places. Bamboo in particular polarizes Bucharest's club goers. It's clients are often stigmatized as being superficial and it's rumored to be populated by many female 'professionals.' Many Romanians flat-out don't want to be associated with it."

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Adresa Soseaua Stefan Cel Mare 31
Sectorul 2 Bucuresti, Bucuresti-Ilfov
"Another large and open club in Bucharest, focusing on electronic music. It's clientele skews fairly young. Customer service is horrible and they have fairly annoying people running the door. It's also not quite as pretty as Bamboo. But the music there is good and people always seem to have a good time. During the night, there usually is a show on the platform in the middle of the club. As well as some 'animators' dancing on various platforms around the club."

Categorie Cluburi, Restaurante
Adresa Splaiul Independentei 315B
Sectorul 5 Bucuresti, Bucuresti-Ilfov
"I have not actually been here, but it comes highly recommended from some friends. It's main distinguishing factor (other than beautiful animators) is an outdoor pool that provides some solace to those that cannot make it to the beach scene in Mamaia during the hot summer months."

Categorie Cluburi
Adresa Strada Tarmului 19
Sectorul 2 Bucuresti, Bucuresti-Ilfov

Categorie Cafenele si Ceainarii, Cluburi
Adresa Soseaua Nordului 7-9
Sectorul 1 Bucuresti, Bucuresti-Ilfov
"This is currently my favorite place, brought to us by the same people as Bamboo. It's partly outdoors, has the prettiest dancers in town and great DJs. It's definitely on the pricey side but the experience is worth it."

Categorie Cluburi
Adresa Strada Glodeni 1-3
Sectorul 2 Bucuresti, Bucuresti-Ilfov
"Large club near the water - often does live concerts"

You also forgot about THE

You also forgot about THE GANG club which at this moment, is the only one that will make the difference from that superficial category that you were talking about earlier. This one doesn't have "the prettiest dancers", but they sure have "the happiest girls" ever on Thursday:) Go and check it!

Gaia ar trebui sa fie printre

Gaia ar trebui sa fie printre primele :D este un loc nemaipomenit! muzica buna, oameni extraordinari, atmosfera de nota 10!

true! :)

true! :)

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