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Creative Biostructure Established Various Systems for Protein Expression in Pharmaceutical Field

Creative Biostructure Established Various Systems for Protein Expression in Pharmaceutical Field
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21 Iunie, 2021

Creative Biostructure, a biotech company specialized in providing cost-effective contract services to both academia and biotech/pharmaceutical industries in the field of structural biology and membrane protein technologies, uses both cell-based and cell-free systems to provide protein expression services to customers in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as research institutions.


Proteins are integral parts of all living organisms and play a crucial role in biological processes. To investigate how specific proteins regulate biological processes, many aspects of proteins need to be studied, such as structure, modification, localization, interaction and function. In drug discovery, a large number of proteins, especially membrane proteins, are screened as biological targets or potential drugs themselves. Most of these proteins are produced using cell-based or cell-free expression systems that typically consist of transcription of recombinant DNA into mRNA followed by translation into the protein under study.


The membrane protein screening platform at Creative Biostructure has also developed other systems including virus-like particles (VLPs), liposome, Nanodisc, animal-free, and detergent-free systems to synthesize soluble and functional membrane proteins.


Detergent-free Membrane Protein Expression

Animal-free Membrane Protein Expression

Nanodiscs Construction


“The selection of the system depends on the type, required amount, and functional activities of the protein. Our elite team will help you choose the appropriate expression system to obtain high-quality membrane proteins to fulfill your specific research goals aiming at a high-resolution structural solution and innovative drug discovery.” Commented Joanna, the chief marketing staff at Creative Biostructure.


“We have developed appropriate gene to protein methods for different protein production projects that can be customized by working directly with our experienced team of scientists. We support each step of your target protein production, including but not limited to gene synthesis, molecular cloning, protein expression, protein purification, protein modification, mutagenesis, and characterization.” Added Joanna.


More information about the protein expression services provided by Creative Biostructure can be viewed here: https://www.creative-biostructure.com/protein-expression-service_57.htm

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