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family of three

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A family of three rented a small facade on the street outside the school's south gate. Most of them rented a small restaurant, which was ordinary and ordinary. The couple are in their early thirties, face good, men's serious and simple, women's regular faces with a smile, and a daughter of elementary school, not too big, obedient, rare childish squeaky, like having a certain tutor, I guess It should be influenced by her mother. The small restaurant is not big, a row of facades, divided into two floors, the dining table is similar to other restaurants that have been visited, the oil washes, the white light of the fluorescent lamp passes through the diffuse reflection of the tabletop Wholesale Cigarettes, spreading a burst of softness Cheap Cigarettes. The waiter of the hotel, together with the chef, is the family of three, the male chef's work, the female's pick-up and pick-up, and occasionally busy in the kitchen, the two seem to be methodical, laughing from time to time, a touch of moisturizing . The guests ordered the dishes, the main northeastern dishes, and then began to talk and laugh, waiting for the delicious table. The daughter on the side, holding the textbooks she finished today, used a rough pencil to seriously grasp what was on it, and did not put the guests in her eyes Marlboro Lights. The child��s mother took the unfinished fruit from the second floor and placed it on her daughter��s desk Online Cigarettes, then sat next to her daughter and enjoyed with her. Soon, the husband's skillful cooking made the dishes of the scented scented out, and the wife quickly gave the guests a favor. The husband seemed to be tired, but the dishes were all ready, and the original white bib was taken down, sitting next to his wife, talking and laughing. The guests were very happy, and their family of three was very sweet. At this time, the next door next door to the big brother, said the road, like to stop the water tomorrow, the couple suddenly worried, committing jealousy. The guests have finished eating at this time, but they are rushing to pay the bills. The more common the sentence is, the more common it is, the more funny it is. The wife is facing these vulgar words Cigarettes For Sale, and she will smile a little.

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